Corporate Documentary

Real people sharing real stories.

Corporate DocumentaryA corporate documentary, sometimes called a company documentary, brand documentary, or brand story, showcases real people sharing real stories about a company or the work they are involved in. They are informative but engaging on a human to human level. The goal of the documentary is to teach a viewer about a topic, give them a new perspective through real-world experience and interviews, and keep the viewer hooked with interesting stories.

Corporate documentaries can come in many forms from short 1-minute vignettes to longer mini-documentaries with multiple speakers, always in unscripted conversations to encourage the film’s subjects to speak about relatable, real-life experiences. Don’t think of them as a typical sales tool for a company or a product– these may not even talk about the company at all – the documentary is about making a human connection with customers.

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How will a corporate documentary help me?

When we meet people in real life, we ask questions to get to know them better. We listen, engage, and share stories with eachother. In a more simplistic way, we look to connect.

In business, the rules of connecting with an audience and customer stay the same. The documentary style and format showcases the people behind the scenes and gives the audience a view into who the film’s subjects are, what they do, and the passion they bring everyday. These authentic stories shape how the audience views you and enables them to connect with you and the company.

Benefits of using a corporate documentary for your next project.

  • Conversational and approachable
  • Showcases the passion of your team
  • Multiple voices share stories and humanizes a topic
  • Educate viewers with a unique perspective
  • Inspire the audience to take action

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